Sara’s Song







The tattoo on my left arm is a picture of my grandmother Sara. My father tears up every time her name is mentioned and he always follows any conversation about her with “Sara would have loved to be here today.” This picture was taken in 1939. She is in costume standing on a fire escape. Handwritten along the sides of the black photo book paper are the words, “Me acting silly 1939. I wonder what my grandchildren would think.” We never got to meet her. She died when my father was only 19 years old. But, Grandma Sara, I will tell you what I think. I think a picture holds a thousand words and from what I can see you loved to laugh, you carried joy. You were talented and when you shared your gifts people listened. You were a treasure on this earth and you died too young. I would have loved to know you, to sing for you, to share the songs I have written with you, to hear your stories and learn from your wisdom. I know I would have adored you because my father adored you so and I adore my father. My mother speaks fondly of you as well, about what a strong and also kind and talented woman you ARE because I know your spirit is living on forever in Heaven and I so long for the day when I get to meet you face to face. So, this Mother’s Day I am thinking of you and remembering you and thank you for being a mom that my mother and father can speak so highly of.

In 2016 I wrote a song about my Grandmother. That same year I recorded it and gave it to my dad for his birthday in October. You can listen to that song here: